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#Employee NameJob TitleDepartment
1  Getsy, Joanne  Professor  Medicine - Pulmonary
2  Batchu, Rama  Affiliate Resident  Division of Clinical Education
3  Fadoju, Doris  Affiliate Resident  Division of Clinical Education
4  Ftesi, Abdulrazek  Affiliate Resident  Medicine - GIM
5  Gattuso, Allison  Core, Asst Professor  Pediatrics Control
6  Hodge, Melanie  Affiliate Resident  Division of Clinical Education
7  Hudecki, Barbara  Affiliate Staff  Division of Clinical Education
8  Jadiga, Deepmala  Affiliate Resident  Medicine Admin Control
9  Kathju, Sandeep  Affiliate Faculty  Microbiology Control
10  Latzko, Michael  Affiliate Resident  Surgery Control
11  Liedtke, Eric  Affiliate Resident  Surgery Control
12  Litschi, Gerold  Facilities Manager  Microbiology Control
13  Patheja, Angad  Non Employee Associate  Office of the General Counsel DUCOM
14  Rohatgi, Chand  Affiliate Faculty  Surgery Control
15  Sticco, Lisa Marie  Administrative Assistant  Inst for Womens Hlth & Ldrshp